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2017 UPDATE: Humphrey is in his final year of university, which is now called Pearson Institute of Higher Education Midrand. He's been excelling in his biomedical studies, and looks forward to attending medical school. If he can become a doctor, his dearest dream is to live in his village and work with local people—Humphrey considers it important to use the skills he's learned abroad to help develop his own country.

Medical school isn't cheap, however, and these universities also charge a large fee for exam grading & graduation. Please do consider DONATING to help a brilliant and kind young man achieve his goal of improving healthcare in Malawi!

A note from Kip Myers, January 2015:

To my fellow New Yorkers experiencing the great blizzard of 2015 -- Here's a story to WARM your heart....

This is my sixth visit to Malawi and each time it is sweeter and richer than the last. The little boys I met so many years ago are quickly becoming young men. Being part of their lives has been inspiring, rewarding and emotional.

Last year Humphrey was accepted to attend Midrand Graduate Institute in South Africa. He will become our first We Are One Malawi student to study abroad!!! A huge achievement and a dream come true for him and for us.

On Sunday, he used his new passport and boarded a bus traveling 30+ hours from Lilongwe to Johannesburg. We just received word that he arrived safely and is preparing to start classes.

Humphrey came from absolute poverty. Both of his parents died at a very young age. He could have easily given up, but refused. And instead, endured, focused and worked hard to achieve his goals. He lives by the motto "Do the right thing because it's the right thing to do." It's nothing short of a miracle to see this day come. He is my inspiration.

I am SO PROUD of this boy (now a young man) and am grateful to everyone who has helped support him and others over the years.

Thank you. Zikoma Kwambili.

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